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“There are decades when nothing happens, then there are weeks when decades happen…” Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

“We’ve had 10 years worth of change in 10 months” according to Rajeev Mistra, CEO of Softbank Mission Fund. This year, we have chosen CHANGE as our word of the year.

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended most of our long held beliefs and assumptions. Massive changes have already happened. What will come next?

The Spanish Flu and the Great War were followed by the roaring twenties – a period of great creativity and hedonism. And then the Great Depression.

The Second World War left a bankrupt Britain and a devastated Continent. It was followed by a period of industrial and consumerist development that spawned a prosperous middle class.

The 60s and 70s – periods of economic stagnation accompanied by a revolution in social mores, were followed by a period of increased prosperity, albeit highly unbalanced due to financialisation.

The Great Financial Crash of 2008 was, in the end, followed by not much systemic change at all.

Looking forward to this century’s 20s, one thing is clear: trying to predict the direction of future change is a mug’s game. Nobody knows.

At RADIX, we take a different approach. Rather than predicting, we would like to ask you, our community: What type of change would you like to see going forward? We invite you to be an active part of our community. Share your ideas with us. Let us be your platform to help you drive the sort of change you would like to see.

The conditions for change are in place. And we all know that we need it. The only question is which forces will drive that change and in what direction.

Let us support you in creating the change you want to see.


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