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Rachel Cunliffe

Opinion Editor, City A.M.

“RADIX is a breath of fresh air in the think tank space.

Instead of rehashing the same tired arguments we have heard for decades, it is tackling the big issues of the modern, globalised world from a fresh perspective.


From talking frankly about the limits and challenges facing market capitalism, to the problems of aligning democracy with globalisation, it is tapping into a space that too many seem afraid to touch."



 A non-aligned, not-for-profit initiative, based in the Netherlands and working across Europe and internationally.

We believe that the public policy frameworks can be better aligned to facilitate businesses being active partners in solving some of the fundamental challenges facing our societies and our economies. 

We invite you to join the dialogue between business, public policy makers and civil society, seeking practical actions that will achieve change at scale.  


Our programme of activities is under development and we welcome your ideas and collaboration in building it.

We are part of the RADIX European network, started in London in 2016, including RADIX, the think-tank of the radical centre, Politika, a movement for engaging young people in public policy, and partner organisations across Europe.


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“RADIX is a think tank of its time and refreshing in the world of policy and broad liberal thought.

An exceptional organisation that has the intellectual firepower and courage to ask questions others are afraid to ask and to promote ideas and policies that are at the vanguard of a new thinking that cuts across traditional policy silos.

It generates the kind of radical thinking needed to revitalize our societies and provides a much needed counterpoint to increasing extremism.

Its mission is what we are all looking for."

Simon Franks

Founder LoveFilm and Redbus Film Distribution

Chair, United for Change

“RADIX is an exceptional collection of curious and

open-minded people who want to find feasible solutions to major political and economic problems, without attachment to any particular ideology or

political view.


Not afraid to question perceived truths in economics, corporate governance, or policy making, RADIX encourages open-minded discussion. It draws on various strands of thinking, especially in economics, to find approaches and solutions that work, rather than only satisfy a fixed mindset."

Magda Polan

Global EM Economist, Formerly at the

International Monetary Fund

RADIX Centre for Business, Politics and Society

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Screenshot 2020-04-18 at 16.23.09.png
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