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Individual company efforts at building sustainability and social responsibility into their business models can be leveraged into significant system level change by the multiplier effect of public policy intervention.


The current policy framework puts companies at the cutting edge of social and environmental responsibility at a competitive disadvantage making their job that much more difficult.


Our aim is to work with you to align public policy with responsible business




CHANGE the public policy framework to enable forward-looking, responsible businesses to thrive


ACHIEVE a shift on particular issues of current concern to business through policy interventions that are scalable and effective


INFLUENCE the political weather and increase your political capital beyond the traditional lobbying to building trusted partnerships


ACCESS political debate and be ahead of the game in thinking about the political/business interactions of tomorrow


STIMULATE debate with others from business, politics and civil society about the nature of the 21st century corporation


BE A PART of defining how public policy will determine the shape and nature of business in the 21st century


ENJOY the journey with other, like-minded people who wish to make a difference and want to enjoy doing it


Do you or your organisation aspire to be leaders in social,

environmental and governance issues?


Would you like to be part of driving positive

change at a systemic level?


Business has the creativity and innovative power to be a visible part of the solutions to today’s fundamental issues.


In order to reach the required scale, significant public policy alignment and change is required to supplement individual company action.

 By being your platform to facilitate the debate around system renewal.


We connect those in business, politics and society who are serious about positive change to drive the public policy environment to support responsible business practices.

Your opportunity to influence through research, inquiries, publications and debate.


We invite you to initiate and drive original and radical thinking, to challenge business-as-usual and re-imagining the way our societies function.


Stichting Radix Nederland is a not-for-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce registration number 77564774 

Registered Address: Johannes Vermeerstraat 81-2, 1071DP Amsterdam, Netherlands



Ian Smith (UK)

Serial NED and former CEO of Reed Elsevier, Taylor Woodrow, General Healthcare Group, Exel Europe, Monitor Group Europe and Shell Jordan. Author of The Smith Review for the UK Cabinet Office.