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The Post-COVID-19 World

Riding the wave of opportunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended life as we know it. People are dying. Economies are in freefall. Business is struggling to survive. We are all incarcerated. Global supply chains are under strain. It's not only health care systems gearing up with ventilators and critical care beds for the ill, governments are pouring trillions of euros/dollars/pounds/whatever to put our whole economies and our societies in intensive care.

The hope is that this acute phase will only last a few months, and many have started looking beyond the acute crisis to what it can teach us about the sort of economy and society we can build after the crisis. Here, too, there are different narratives.

One is the belief that the crisis has shown up in glorious technicolour the faults of our current system of political economy. That we have traded resilience for short term economic efficiency. That issues like business responsibility to society, the threats of climate change, and issues of sustainability can no longer be ignored. That the pandemic is a painful but stark reminder that we have to change our ways and that a new economic and social settlement, while embryonic, has a chance to emerge.


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