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Sustainability Now and Post-COVID-19

As the pandemic eases, will sustainability be back on the board agenda, and, if so, what impact will COVID-19 have had in addressing it? 

Joining host Tony Langham from Lansons in this podcast is Jane Stevensen, a member of our RADIX Centre for Business, Politics & Society community, expert in the understanding of climate-related risk and opportunity, advisor to the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative, and founding director of JS Global Advisory

Podcast Highlights:

- What societies are meant to be striving for now

- Where will climate change be on the global agenda post-pandemic

- The financial risks of climate change as viewed by the UN and governments

- Impact of cancelled COP26

- Persuading government and organisations to tackle this seriously

Produced remotely by Lansons and engineered by Callum Swingler. Head to our Remote Content and Broadcast Production hub to learn more about what we can produce for you.

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