We are a non-aligned, not-for-profit foundation based in the Netherlands and operating across Europe


Our aim is to work with you to influence public policy to better facilitate businesses being active partners in solving some of today's social and environmental issues.


We are part of the RADIX European network.


"RADIX is a think tank of its time. An exceptional organization that is refreshing and has the intellectual firepower to promote policies at the vanguard of new thinking."


"RADIX is a breath of fresh air in the think tank space. It is tapping into a space that too many seem afraid to touch."



"RADIX is an exceptional collection of curious and open-minded people not afraid to question perceived truths in economics, corporate governance, or policy making."

Stichting Radix Nederland is a not-for-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands. Chamber of Commerce registration number 77564774 

Registered Address: Johannes Vermeerstraat 81-2, 1071DP Amsterdam, Netherlands


Email: hello@radixcbps.org